Monday, October 28, 2013

Download from Google Drive/Docs using Internet Download Manager(IDM)

Google Drive or Google Docs does not allow you to download using IDM, instead, your browser's download manager will be used.I found a solution for this.

Things we need:
Internet Download Manager (IDM)
Google Account
Google Chrome

First, you go first to your file or Google Drive and download something.
Then something like this will appear,if it's large file, if not, it will just be downloaded directly.

Just click "Download Anyway" and Google Chrome will download this automatically and will let you choose where to save the file.

Then pause the Download. (Ctrl+J then, pause or cancel)

Then Right click on the link(the blue one)then "Download with IDM".

It will now be downloaded using IDM.



  1. Thanks man. That is brilliant. It works great and has saved me a lot of precious time.

  2. I dont have download with IDM when i right click. i have newest chrome and newest IDM Full Paid no Crack